The City of Mahr-Bèl (1)

(Read the Background for the City of Mahr-Bèl, this scene is set in the City of Mahr-Bèl)


Young Gneiss stone

In the dim candle light Gneiss strained her eyes to read what she had written years before, she was forty-five and should not have to struggle with her eyes yet, she thought. She was sitting in the darkly lit parlour of their mansion near the harbour of Mhar-bèl, the stone walls were heavy and dark, cold to the touch and smooth. The bench she was sitting on carved in intricate curls from thick oak was padded with ornately decorated, hand painted and embroidered canvas in deep reds, salmon and gold.

She found the place in the book she had searched for and started reading, It was the first premonition she had had, she realized the gravitas of the moment and immediately quilled it down so she would not forget any detail, though to this day she remembers every moment. How could you forget anything this strange? Since then she had many such dreams but none were like this, none so unclear. The darkness of this room evoked the same feeling as that night, how everything around her became dark and distorted, from the corner of her eyes she could slightly perceive the flickering flames of the wax light, she thought she could not have been dreaming, she had never felt more awake, the images flashing before her eyes were duller than those in her other dreams but far more real and these visions was particularly upsetting.

She turned to the pages she had written on she had read the words and recalled the dream more times than she could count but the meaning still escaped her. She read again:

“a piece of grey earth, with a symbol carved at its centre.”

Gniess had scribbled a quick drawing of the symbol as soon as she woke from her vision and through the years she had added detail.

“the symbol is surrounded by five pillars, on the shoulders of five female statues, a pregnant Mother, a loyal Worrier, a queen, a girl and a crone with one eye peering into the distance, suddenly a flicker appears in the centre of the symbol, it turns into a flame and quickly spread to become a great fire.

From the flames is born a fern, a gush of wind, a dragon and its handler who merge into a creature that devours itself and leaves behind only a Blue Kyanite gemstone and two stars, a warm star and a cold star, shooting into the air, they seem to be at odds pushing and shoving to occupy the same space until they collide and explode into dark clouds that swirl and rumble until a single drop falls on the head of the crone statue the drop runs down her forehead and enters her now shut eye and when she opens it the Kyanite is where the eye should be her tears flows from the eye. At first a few drops and then more and more, creating a stream and then a river and then a flood

The water surges around the flames dancing with it, licking it and slowly killing the flames. Leaving only wet muddy grey ash…


to be continued…