Will you join me?

Wow!!! What a last couple of days!!


You’ve probably also experienced the last few weeks in wonder, so much has happened, and most of it has not been that great…

Here at FLD (Floris Louw Design) we have felt that too, and more… both good and bad.

In light of the problems the world face, the problems I face seems to be too small to even mention, the sewing machine broke yet again and it seems to be unfixable, the over-locker has started giving problems too, and after putting in weeks of work trying to build a beautiful website, the whole thing crashed and burned, I had to uninstall all of it and is now starting from scratch!

I found escape and refuge in the positive that happened, there has been a lot of beauty around me the last few weeks. Great positive things happened and those are where my focus should lie… There is a fantastic article in Sarie magazine about me with a full-page picture, I found out this week that I’ve received a fifth naledi nomination, and probably best of all the studio was fitted with marvellous cupboards, so now there is space to organize all my fabrics, patters and haberdashery properly. I’m so excited!!!

Yet I find myself concentrating negative side of things, they do sometimes feel so overwhelming. Filling us with fear to a point where it seems unrealistic to even try to continue,

From ministers being fired for keeping our taxes save, to racist politicians threatening the very lives of major sections of our society, and let’s be honest, under these people the lives of their own supporters, the poorest of us all, are most under threat.

It does not seem to be going any better across the pond, funding to the arts, sciences and healthcare is being cut, there seems to be no tolerance for anyone who is different or who has a different opinion. The lists go on and on.

It looks like the sewing machine has broken again and it seems unfixable, the over-locker has started giving problems too, our government has crashed the website, and we have to start from scratch…

Where do we find escape? Where do we find refuge? This might be the most difficult thing to expect from anyone… but we need to seek out the beauty and fantasy in our world, and if we cannot find it, we need to create it. We need to be the counter to the bad, we need to be good, we need to become a wave of positive influence that stops the hateful tide.

I am writing a little fantasy story, in hopes that it can provide just a few moments of escape to someone somewhere. I pledge to at least try and be more positive I pledge to create beauty and escape, I want to be good I want to be a counter to the evil in this world, I hope you will join me?